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you’re a person

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The Royal an Lochan

The History of the Hotel

Royal an Lochan aerial view of TighnabruaichThe Royal Hotel in Tighnabruaich is situated on the Kyles of Bute overlooking the Isle of Bute.

The building dates from 1865 and more recently it was converted from 21 bedrooms to 11 luxury en-suite bedrooms and since 2006 the hotel has traded under the name of an Lochan. However, to combine the best qualities of both past and present, the hotel was re-named The Royal an Lochan in 2010 by the current owners Keith and Christine Bettis.

At The Royal an Lochan the staff are dedicated to ensuring that all guests enjoy every second of their stay. To us you’re not a room number, you’re a person’.

Maybe the secret ingredient is that Tighnabruaich is the end of the road and the end of the rainbow. It’s no great distance from anywhere, but it is light years away from modern urban life…

Recent History

The purchase of the hotel in July 2010 was the culmination of a five year search which took us all over Scotland and included filming for Channel 4’s Relocation Relocation programme (yes, with Kirstie and Phil!)

On our first viewing of the hotel we saw, as you will when you visit, its historic name in the mosaic tiled floor at the hotel’s entrance. This floor was laid during World War Two by Italian prisoners of war, leaving a snippet of history for future guests to admire. We feel this is another reason to have ‘Royal’ in the name of the hotel once again.

Our Mission

As owners of The Royal an Lochan we feel strongly that guests should be treated as individuals and not just be thought of as a passing room number.

Having stayed in numerous hotels of varying quality over the years, the ones that we remember for the right reasons are those where we felt most welcome and relaxed, and not necessarily those perceived to be the best.

It is the qualities we found in these memorable hotels that we feel are most important to share with our guests.

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