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Bird of Paradise Plant Spreads its Wings

The Royal an Lochan's Bird of Paradise plant in flower

The Royal an Lochan’s Bird of Paradise plant in flower

Back in 2006 I worked at an RAF base in Cambridgeshire, there an employee of Turfsoil called Tim Izzatt gave me 3 seeds and challenged me to grow them, well only one germinated and 9 years later that seed is the plant you see before you.

Now, when I was working away from home for the 2 1/2 years I spent in Scotland, this plant went with me wherever I moved to. On moving day it could always be seen seat-belted in on the passenger side of my car, and for a year our old neighbours in St Neots, Tom and June, looked after it for me while we settled into the hotel.

I am actually very proud to have grown such a beautiful plant from seed and have waited so long for it to mature!

Christine x

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