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Exterior Painting Commences

Exterior painting begins at The Royal an Lochan

Exterior painting begins at The Royal an Lochan

We thought it was about time we treated this beautiful old building to a bit of a spruce up and so on Monday 28 September we welcomed Campbell Decorators of Kirn with paint brushes at the ready to start Phase One of external painting.

On the first day, this first Phase saw the front elevation gutters receiving a thorough cleaning and the decorators setting up for the next day’s painting. This will see the front and rear of the hotel get a new coat of paint in white but the window reveals will return to black; a more traditional colour than the wishy washy grey they are now.

We were keeping our fingers crossed for some good weather and it seems to have worked as, apart from a few foggy interludes, the weather has been glorious.

As the week progressed the new paint job we could see the shiny, clean new look of the hotel take shape and we were so chuffed to see black window reveals once more. Keith is even getting in on the act and painting round the back of the hotel. Happy days!

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