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Hotel Open After Refurbishment

Well time is up! Keith has spent the last month painting woodwork throughout the hotel and doing other odd jobs, although he has not finished all the rooms just yet.

Linda has deep cleaned all the bedrooms and bathrooms and shampooed and washed all the carpets upstairs.

Sophie has kept the bar running, cleaned all the woodwork for Keith in the public rooms, shampooed and washed all the downstairs carpets and generally cleaned.

Raymond and Robert have had a much easier time than they usually have when we are open, although they have deep cleaned the kitchen, served bar food and designed some new menus.

Now that leaves me, I am actually not sure what I have done for the last month but I am sure it was hard work!

So after all that we are opening our doors to our first check-ins of 2015, welcome to the Godfrey family (18 of them in total!) and to the Wilson Group a lovely group of 4, so that’s the hotel full. What a great start to 2015.

Thank you to all my wonderful, hard working staff. Christine xxx

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