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Refurbishment Underway

There is so much going on regarding maintenance at the hotel so we thought you might like a little information about some of the work we are doing.

Royal an Lochan dining area refurbishment

Royal an Lochan dining area structural refurbishment.

Keith and the team are busy transforming the Shinty Bar and other areas of the hotel during our January ‘break’.

When our guests start to visit us from 1st February onwards they’ll notice quite a few improvements!

The first photo shows some structural work near the dining room and second shows Keith sanding in the Shinty Bar which is something that we have wanted to do since day 1!

Gone is the black painted floor in the Shinty Bar and a shiny new clear lacquer will brighten the bar up lovely. Keith is also sanding the tired looking hardwood bar top. Dust everywhere but oh what a difference!

We won’t be finished till late January but we will open over the weekend with covered floors and the do the final sand on Sunday and then lacquer.

Royal an Lochan Shinty Bar refurbishment

Sanding the bar and floor of the Shinty Bar.

The photos here are obviously the ‘during’ ones. We’ll post the ‘after’ ones as soon as all the work’s finished.

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