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Tom Kitchin’s Ideal Meal is at The Royal an Lochan

Top Scottish chef Tom Kitchin was interviewed in the October issue of the BBC Good Food Magazine and we were surprised and delighted when we saw the words ‘Royal an Lochan’! When Tom was asked to describe his ideal meal he said he’d head off the west coast with his wife, visit the Royal an Lochan and have some of our delicious fresh langoustines with a glass of wine.

Tom is a champion of seasonal Scottish produce and only the best will do when it comes to selecting the finest produce and ingredients for his restaurant The Kitchin which he opened in Leith in 2006. So we’re chuffed to bits knowing that one of the best chefs in the country would choose to come to the Royal an Lochan restaurant for his ideal meal.

Why not see for yourself what all the fuss is about? Like Tom, we change our menus with the seasons and our Seafood Menu is a firm favourite, always featuring amazingly delicious fish, shellfish and crustaceans landed fresh from the fishing boats in Tarbert.

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